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High Five With A Bumblebee


Ever high fived a bumblebee? This guy did and had the time of his life! Share Read More »

Car Breaking On Stage Floor Carpet


When a car breaks hard on a stage floor carpet where there are people standing, we guarantee that hilarity will ensue. Share Read More »

Kid’s Cymball Breaks And He Reacts Like A Boss


Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail — 2013.05.18 EJH Red & White Concert USA needs more heroes and this kid is a perfect candidate! We can’t tell if this is a FAIL or a WIN but his reaction is EPIC!   Share Read More »

Funny Germans Trying To Say ‘Squirrel’


Watch 10 German teens trying hard to prononce the word ‘squirrel’.’ Even though the german language has some english base, it’s pretty hard for germans to say some english words. Share Read More »

White People On Drugs Dancing In Puddle Of Mud

white man on drugs

Just your average Joe’s and Jane’s dancing like retards in a puddle of mud, during a concert. Share Read More »

Little Chinese Police Girl Is Scared to Death


A little chinese girl dressed up like a police woman is scared to death after a criminal is brought in and tied to a chair next to her, in a crazy but funny TV show. Share Read More »

Crazy Snow Jumps Through Flaming Christmas Trees HD

snow jump through flaming christmas trees

These guys really know how to have fun! This is their first video where they went out and launched a bonfire with all the dead christmas trees and jumped over them with every type of sled, ski, snowboard and snowmobile. The song is called “Little Voices” iTunes: | Amazon: Find out more about them here: Facebook: Twitter: Huge thanks to Mark ... Read More »

Men Throwing Rocks With The Other Hand


We all have a good throwing arm but have you ever tried throwing a rock with the other arm? The results are extremely funny. Share Read More »

This Girl Can Lick Her Own Elbow


I bet you’ll try this at home after seing this picture Share Read More »

Happy Grandma Gets A Puppy For Her Birthday


This is a very happy moment in this family, where grandma gets a puppy as her birthday present.   Share Read More »

World’s Largest Snowball Fight – Contour Cameras – Snow Day


It ended up beating the World Record for the biggest snowball fight EVER!!! This was all filmed in a collaboration with Contour cameras! 30 percent of this video was shot on the Contour 2 and Contour Roam2 cameras! Everything else was shot on the Canon 5D Mark II and III. This video was filmed by Devin Graham, Parker Walbeck and ... Read More »

Garbage Collectors In Russia Having Fun


Just an ordinary winter day for this two trash collectors from Russia. Share Read More »

Liquid Ass Prank in an elevator


Liquid ASS is an overwhelming, stinky, funny prank product. Once released, this  super–concentrated liquid begins to evaporate filling the air with a genuine, foul butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo. Childish but 100% efficient! Share Read More »

Who put this d**k on my back?


I don’t think this trader realized he was near a news reporter Share Read More »

Molson Canadian Beer Commercial 2013 – The Canadians


Molson Canadian just launched it’s latest ad for their beer, promoting the spirit and life of young Canadians in the eyes of other nations. Share Read More »

Crazy Guy In Russia Poses For Photo Sleeping On Subway Tracks


What else will this adrenaline rush freak do next for a cool picture?   Share Read More »

I Do Parkour !! Travis Parkour


What do you do ? I DO PARKOUR! Crazy guy called Travis yells three times that he does Parkour and then jumps face forward on some matresses. Share Read More »

Funny Police Pictures: A Day In A Cop’s Life (80 pictures)


Being a police officer has it’s ups and downs but from time to time something beautiful or funny happends and luckily there is someone with a camera to record it. Scroll down below to enjoy some of those moments that happened to police officers from all over the world. Share Read More »

Kai the Homeless Hitchhiker Saves Woman From Jesus Attack!


SMASH! SMASH! SUMAAASH! A strange incindent took place in West Fresno at the corner of McKinley and Marks and FOX KMPH Ten o’clock News News was there to record it. A driver claiming he is Jesus, plows his car into a BG&E worker, pinning him against his truck, only because he was black. After this, a couple of women were ... Read More »

Stand up Comedy: Bill Burr – Let It Go – Full Show


Stand back and enjoy a full hour show from Bill Burr intitled Let it Go. Share Read More »

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