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Xbox One Retail Price | Specifications | Games | Pictures

Update 2: UK retailer Zavvi has priced Xbox One at £399.99 and pinned a November 30 release date on the upcoming console.

Update: Here is the official trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts

It’s May 21, 2013, and Microsoft just launched the new Xbox One gaming platform.

It’s been 12 years since Xbox was presented to the gaming world and now it was time for a change.

The new Xbox console, the Xbox One, is controlled by motion, face recognition and voice activation.

It allows players to simultaneously Skype a friend and browse for music or watch TV and play a game in the same time.

The Xbox One can read your heart beat!

Xbox One hardware is seen during a press event unveiling Microsoft's new Xbox in Redmond, Washington.

A partnership with EA Games will yield four new titles exclusive to Xbox:FIFA 14, NBA Live, UFC and Madden.

Much loved video game franchise Halo is now a television series in its own right, streamed to premium subscribers on Xbox One.

An exclusive partnership with the NFl will bring football fans an exlcusive game that makes use of the console’s new engine later in the year.

The specs are not yet confirmed but it seems the console will be equipped with:

  • 8 core CPI
  • 8 GB System Memory
  • 500 GB HDD
  • Blu-ray Drive
  • 802.11n Wireless with Wi-Fi Direct
  • HDMI in/Out
  • USB 3.0


Xbox One Pictures


This is what you can find out about Xbox One on page:


  • Home sweet home screen.

Xbox One’s custom-tailored experience starts at Home. From the moment you say “Xbox On,” you’ll be instantly recognized and welcomed by a personalized Home screen with all your favorite games, apps, and content. You can pin movies, music, and more for instant access, so that the things you love most are right where you want them.

  • Always ready when you are.

Xbox One was designed for today’s fast-paced lifestyle. It wakes up instantly when you say, “Xbox On,” and even turns on your TV. Downloads and updates happen behind the scenes, so you can jump right in. And when you need to pause, your games are suspended right where you left off, so you can resume instantly.


  • The new way to watch TV.

Connect your cable or satellite box to Xbox One and watch all your favorite television shows right through the console.1 All your favorite channels. All your favorite shows. All with the sound of your voice. You can even create your own personal channel by pinning the shows and apps you watch most. Gone are the days of switching inputs to watch TV or play a movie. Xbox One can do it all.

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