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Pascal Honore, 50-Year-Old Mother – Paraplegic Surfer

Pascal Honore, a 50-year old mother of two from Australia, suffered T4 complete paraplegia after a car accident 18 years ago.

She spent six months in rehab before being allowed home to the small coastal town of Elliston, a surfer’s paradise.

However, for Pascale, it wasn’t easy to sit back and be a spectator in life.

“It was pretty hard at the beginning to get back,” she said.

“Going back to Elliston was difficult because suddenly there’s all these things that I loved doing that I couldn’t do anymore.”

Watching her sons surfing gave her a yearning to feel the salt on her face once more, and the solution came via a roll of duct tape and a backpack bought from K-Mart.

“When we first came up with the idea… I thought ‘well, I could duct tape you to my back and surf’,” said surfer Tyron Swan, a close friend of her boys Morgan and Tom.

“He just put me on his back and he could get up,” said Honore.

“So we started from there.”

“I can’t even find words to explain it,” said Pascal.

“I want to inspire people to overlook their limitations and make their dreams come true.

“Follow your dream, have a goal and somehow it will happen, if you believe in it enough.”

Now the two are hitting the road on what they call a “Legless Summer” trip, heading to Kalbarri, Western Australia in search of bigger waves and more adventure.


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