Saturday, March 26, 2016
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Biker Wallrider Overtake


JBC 4X Revelations – Michal Maroši On Wallride Bicycle race ends up with a spectacular win by Michal Marosi who gets from third place to first place with a beautiful wallride.   Share

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Greatest Game Of Horse – Frisbee Versus Ball


Everyone has played HORSE before, but not like this. Share

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A Victory Dance Like No Other


Kazan-2013 / Rasul Chunayev (AZE) – Islambek Albiev (RUS) – gold medal match Now that’s how one performs a victory dance! Share

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MLU Championship – Jeff Graham Catch


Jeff Graham is the Superman of MLU – Major League Ultimate – Professional Ultimate Frisbee! Look at him flying to catch a frisbee throw like you’ve never seen before! Share

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Amazing Bboy Dancing Skills – BBOY POCKET (MORNING OF OWL)


Like one user commented – He is officially the best powerhead on the planet. Period. But that’s not what’s amazing about Pocket. It’s that since his debut at IBE, I have never, ever, EVER, not even once, saw him crash. NEVER! Not even a slip. Now that deserves some recommendation! Much respect. Share

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Monster: The Kali Muscle Story


Subscribe to Kali’s page make sure to subscribe to his channels for more epic videos and videos on training tips. Special thanks to Dustin shepard of for helping out with his Red Epic and filming!!!! Special thanks to Metro Flex Long Beach for allowing us to shoot there. Also thanks to justin cruz for helping with photography and …

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MMA Champion Training His 2 Year Old Son


This kid already kicks better than many people I’ve seen at the gym. Share

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Chinese Police Self Defense


If all cops had this skills, crime rate would be a lot lower than today. Share

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Spear Fishing Like A Boss


This guy dives 80 feet underwater with a spear gun and gets back with a huge 8 lb lobster and a 19lb red grouper. Share

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Danny MacAskill Imaginate


Every kid played with little car toys or bike toys imagining a world beyond adult understanding and this guy, Danny MacAskill managed to bring to life that universe. For a deeper look at Imaginate, check out: Two years in the making, street trials rider Danny MacAskill releases his brand new riding film. Whilst previous projects have focused on locations …

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Skydiver Chasing Free Falling Shoe


A skydiver looses his shoe and another colleague starts chasing the falling shoe using his parachute. Share

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Red Bull 400 Planica 2013 – The Steepest Race in Europe


300 participants had the chance to run the classic athletics distance of 400 meters almost vertically up to the Planica ski jumping hill. Check out the highlights from the prestigious event! Share

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Do You Even Lift Bro?


Incline Belly Press Fitness Routine – Lvl BOSS! P.S. I hope his internal organs are fine.. Share

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Ben Barba Amazing Rugby Try


This is one the most amazing rugby tries I’ve ever seen and it doesn’t include massive tackles just quick reaction and alot of luck. Share

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Amazing Bike Tricks By Tim Knoll


I never thought someone could do such amazing tricks on a BMX. This video will probably revolutionize the way we think about bikes and what we can do with them. Share

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Kenyan High School High Jump


Keep in mind that they don’t have proper training and they’re jumping fences! Not on their backs like proper athletes. Share

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Best Throws By Ichiro Suzuki Laserbeam


If you think that Bo Jackson throws are impressive, you should look at these from Ichiro Suzuki. Share

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Crazy Skiing Helmet Cam – Candide Thovex


A usual skiing day for Candide in his home resort, could have ended in a better way this time! Out skiing with his friend Aziz Benkrich (red pants), we should probably tell you ‘DON’T try this at home’ !! Share

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Soccer Goal Celebrations Fx


Enjoy these goal celebrations special effects directed by the Surrender Monkeys ( along with friends at Buzzman (   Share

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100m Junior World Record 10.01s – Yoshihide Kiryu


Men’s 100m youth world record (10.19 +0.5m/s) holder Yoshihide KIRYU (Rakunan H.S. Kyoto, JAPAN) has equalled the junior world record with a clocking 10.01 (+0.9m/s) at the 47th Mikio ODA Memorial in Hiroshima, JAPAN. Share

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