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DiResta: Restoring An Old Hatchet


Artist Jimmy DiResta lets us into his workshop to look over his shoulder while he has his way with an old hatchet and transforms it into a cool showpiece tool.   Share Read More »

Giant Blacksmith Drop Hammer In Action


Several hundred year old drop hammer in operation at the shop of Sepp Eybl in Ybbsitz Austria. Sepp’s web site Sepp has two of these hammers in his shop. They were originally run by water. Share Read More »

High Five With A Bumblebee


Ever high fived a bumblebee? This guy did and had the time of his life! Share Read More »

Soldier Homecoming Scuba Surprise


After serving in Afganistan for 6 months and 3 months of training in US before that, this soldier surprised his family at the beach, in the water, sneaking up to them in a scuba outfit.   Share Read More »

Skinny White Kid Knocks Two Black Guys In Street Fighting


Crazy fight took place the other night where one skinny white kid knocked two black guys like they were made of Jell-O.   Share Read More »

Crazy Teacher In Zimbabwe Beats His Pupils


Imagine how angry he gets during exams, if this just an ordinary day at school. Share Read More »

Iguana Fart


This is something the pet store will never tell how: Iguanas Fart! Share Read More »

Carly Rae Jepsen Horrible First Pitch


Carly Rae Jepsen takes a run at the title for worst first pitch ever. Share Read More »

Cool Mix On A Midi Fighter 3D


My friend Ian left his Midi Fighter 3D at my house, and I made something with it. :] Controllers: M-Audio Trigger Finger DJ TechTools Midi Fighter 3D Controller stuff is recorded live into Ableton. Several automations are used to switch the samples and light mappings throughout the track. Guitars and bass guitar are prerecorded to allow for double-tracking, lead and ... Read More »

UP Plus 2 3D Printer – How It Works

3d-printing | Introducing the UP Plus 2…The first complete overview of *NEW* UP Plus 2 from PP3DP from un-boxing to making your first Awesome print. It’s never been so easy to print cool stuff! Share Read More »

Funny Dog Tries To Stomp His Shadow


This funny German shepherd dog tries to stomp out his shadow while the owners film him and laugh.   Share Read More »

CGI Real-Time MoCap Demo HD: “Markerless Real-Time Facial Mocap” by – Snapper Systems


This real-time face motion capture is simply amazing! The level of detail and how perfect all the facial muscles are shown is incredible! I can’t wait for the future this Snapper Systems Real-Time MoCap is presenting us. Imagine the gaming possibilities of this. Share Read More »

Insane RC Helicopter Stunts


¬†Gaui x7 , Scorpion motor , MKS servos x8 The pilot’s name is Tareq Alsaadi and I must say I’ve never seen someone do this type of stunts in such a small place and in low light conditions. Some would say it’s CGI because the whole drill looks impecable.   Share Read More »

How To Fillet A Salmon Fish By Gordon Ramsay


Masterchef, Gordon Ramsay showing contestants how to remove the salmon flesh from the bone. Share Read More »

How To Attract Dolphins Using A Comb


Here’s an ingenious way to attract dolphins: Rub the teeth of a comb on the glass of the aquarium and the vibrations will sound like a dolphin. Share Read More »

Holocaust Survivor Sends Message To Young Germans


This Holocaust survivor sends a message to all the young people in the world, especialy to young germans, to keep doing good stuff for the world and not to take blame for what their grandparents did during World War II. Share Read More »

Son Buys Back Dad’s Mustang Mach 1 Back


24 years ago my dad, Rick Lookebill, had to part ways with his first car, a 1972 Mustang MACH 1. Over the years he has talked of wanting to locate it and we even ran across it once in Clinton, Illinois in 1999. Recently, he has had a “spark” in his interest of finding it and we were able to ... Read More »

Bill Burr – Epidemic Of Gold Digging Whores


Stand Up Comedian Bill Burr talks about those women that get their hands on other people’s money as divorcing wifes. Share Read More »

Boxer Plays First Time With Cows


This is Jonesy; this was his first encounter with the cows he barks at while driving by. So one day the owners decided to stop;this was his reaction. Share Read More »

Girl Frog Dance


This move might be the next big thing. The song in the video is Gas Pedal- Sage the Gemini. Share Read More »

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