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Macaw Parrot Cursing – Keeps Saying WTF

macaw parrot cursing

Imagine waking up to this every single morning. Imagine drinking your coffee and reading your paper and your parrot keeps saying WTF. Imagine having your inlaws at christmas dinner and your parrot starts saying WTF! Is there any way you can train your parrot NOT to say a word he learned earlier?   Share Read More »

Hot Brunette Teen Plays The Knife Game


Yep… another teen plays the knife game song thingie everybody is hyped about. Share Read More »

Beautiful Girl Playing The Knife Game


Here’s another beautiful girl playing the Knife Game while singing the funny song that went viral these days. Knife Game Song Lyrics Oh, I have all my fingers, The knife goes chop, chop, chop If I miss the spaces in between, My fingers will come off. And if I hit my fingers, The blood will soon come out, But all ... Read More »

This Cat Has The Loudest Angry Scream Ever


Someone put some chloroform on this cat please! I don’t know how his owners can live with him making these loud noises when he’s angry. Geez… Share Read More »

Little Kitten Gets Scared By Sneeze


Poor little kitty! She was focused on playing when all of the sudden the human sneezed and the reaction is hilarious. It’s even better than the baby panda sneezing viral. Share Read More »

Ever Played With Your Cat The Ghost In The Sheets?


Is there any cat owner who didn’t try the ghost under the sheets game with his cat? If so, shame on you! Cats love ghost especially those hidden under the bed sheets. So stop wasting time and get your hand under the sheets   Share Read More »

Polish Street Magician Does The David Blaine Coffe Cup Coins Trick


This polish teenager making magic tricks on the street (Magia Uliczna) made a homeless man very happy with David Blaine’s coffe cup filled with coins trick (coffe into money trick). For those of you curious how to do this trick, trust me it’s a very easy one and you can watch the tutorial below. David Blaine’s Coffe Into Money Trick ... Read More »

Wedgetail slide on camper demonstration


This camper, The Wedgetail slide on camper, is one of the most ingenious campers I’ve seen, having a very spacious interior with large windows and very good ventilation. The best part is that is has an inside toilet and shower and double access for many of the Wedgetail features like stove, fridge, shower or storage areas which can be used ... Read More »

Epic Pancake Maker In Majorca, Spain


Some would say this guy is the world’s best pancake maker but seeing him twitching I would say he ate a little too much Nutella. Share Read More »

Electric Fence Chain Shock


A group of teens line up and feel the shock run through em’ all. lol. Share Read More »

Electric Fence Experiment Chain Reaction


Several kids wanted to test out an experiment and find out how electricity travels through human bodies. The end was as expected. Share Read More »

The Hangover III Official Trailer – Release Date


Even though we all wonder what can go wrong next, it seems that Tod Phillips (writer and director) wanted to end the series by making it a trilogy and here is the trailer for the final part of The Hangover movies where the wolf pack hits Vegas again. Share Read More »

Quit Looking At My Daughter Street Prank


Jack Vale from jackvalefilms along with Ashley from Overboard Humor decided to make a dad and daughter prank on the street asking random guys to stop looking at Jacks daughter. Some of the reactions are awesome! This is fun Share Read More »

Leopard Attacks 14 Farmers In West Bengal, India


A horrible incident took place in West Bengal, India, where a leopard attacked and injured 14 peasants that were working on the field. Many of them were badly injured but one managed to stun the animal with a stick and determing him to run away from the field.     Share Read More »

Ferrari F458 Crash On Italian Freeway While Overtaking On Wet Road


In other words, how to trash a brand new Ferrari F458 $250.000 supercar with a stupid overtake attempt on a wet road, on italian freeway at the junction of PalaFlorio in the Japigia district. The driver of this Ferrari F458 Spider was brand new, newly registered, wanted to show off after he passed the junction but made sudden moves and ... Read More »

The Bathtub Is Full Of Kittens


Awwww….. This is the cutest video ever! Look at the orange kitty who keeps pawing the side of the bathtub. In case someone is curious, there are five of them and the owner, Crystal Tabony, said that she can’t feed them all at once so she puts them in the bathtub and bottle-feeds them by turn.     Share Read More »

Dance Like Nobody Is Watching


Yeah, he’s chubby but he is hilarious. He’s moves are ten times better than the dance instructor. Share Read More »

REFCAM – Rugby Referee GoPro Camera – Absolute Game Changer


This is totally awesome! A real game changer! Imagine all the referees from sports like NBA, NHL, American Football, Soccer and much more wearing GoPro cams for the viewers to get a first person point of view of the game. This initiative will definitely take fans closer to the game with this new and up close footage. Thanks to Fox ... Read More »

2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo At Geneva Motor Show 2013 Specs | Video | Pictures

2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

Ladies and Gents, here is the new 2014 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo. The five door model was showned at the Geneva Motor Show, just before it’s debut at the 2013 Chicago Auto SHow. It seems that this model is 7.9 inches longer than the 3 Series Sport Wagon and 3.2 inches taller, aving an extra wheelbase of 4.3 inches ... Read More »

Paloma Faith – Black & Blue Official Video And Lyrics


Paloma Faith – “Black & Blue” – Lyrics / Versuri / 歌詞 / лирика I know a man who fills his emptiness With strangers I know a girl who drinks herself to sleep at night You can’t change her I know people who use chat rooms as confessionals I know down and outs who once were, Once they were professionals Wipe it ... Read More »

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