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Scott Marquese Time Control Dubstep Dance

dubstep dance

This is the latest dance from Non Stop a.k.a. Scott Marquese (WHZGUD2) intitled Time Control. SONG: Rudebrat – ‘The Quick and The Dead’ (Simplify Recordings) Share Read More »

We Are The Cyclists


This is a parody aimed at the cyclists from all over the world about their opinion on being the most efficient beings on the planet. Share Read More »

Worst Taekwondo Martial Arts Demo Ever

demo tae kwan do

This martial arts instructor made a fool of himself by repeatedly attempting to crack a board with his ands and with his feet. At least give him credit for trying. Share Read More »

Cat Behaviour Explained

cat behaviour

Body language in cats explained by a professional This video shows some of the common body postures and facial expressions in cats, some of which can be easily misinterpreted by people as cats are so subtle in their behaviour. Share Read More »

Cookie Monster Versus Rammstein


Who knew that Cookie Monster had such a great voice for metal! Share Read More »

Jackass: Bad Grandpa Official Trailer Starring Johnny Knoxville

bad grandpa

Johnny Knoxville is starring in a new Jackass movie starring as Irving Zisman, an 85-years-old man. The movie will be in theaters starting with October 25. Share Read More »

ornado Rips Through Milan Province


A tornado ripped through a Milan province causing millions of euros worth of damage. No serious injuries were reported. (July 30) Share Read More »

Tim Allen’s Car Collection

car collection

Tim Allen may have more cars than necessary, but no one’s mad about it. He shares his private garage containing an eclectic collection of authentic American motors with everything from a 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C to a 1933 Ford Roadster that he built on the set of Home Improvement. Share Read More »

Crow Using Tools


Crows are intelligent enough to use tools to get tools to get to the food they want. Share Read More »

Man Belt Buckle Stop Bullet In Philadephia Store Shooting (Caught on Tape)

saved belt buckle

PHILADELPHIA — A grocery store employee said Thursday that he is thanking God and his belt buckle for saving him from a stray bullet that smashed through the market’s front door. The bullet lodged in the metal buckle worn by Bienvenido Reynoso, who had only recently started his job at 8 Brothers Supermarket in Philadelphia. “It saved my life,” Reynoso ... Read More »

Sting and Robert Downey Jr – Driven to Tears (HQ)

robert downey jr with sting

Sting’s 60th birthday party Beacon Theatre, New York October 1, 2011 Share Read More »

Foxnews Reporter Stunned By Reza Aslan

reza aslan

Reza Aslan stunes Foxnews presenter about his book The Life&Times of Jesus Of Nazareth He was supposed to explain his book, not his choice of religion. Share Read More »

Hillbilly Dancing With Racoon

hillbilly dance

The Hillbilly Slide And One Mad Coon Starring Your Favorite Coon and Coonrippy! What does a hillbilly do when he’s not chewing tobacco or hunting for gators? The answer is easy: dance with a racoon. Share Read More »

Waking Up An English Mastiff


This is my Mastiff Lincoln doing everything he can to NOT have to get off the bed. THIS IS JUST PLAY, IF I ASK HIM TO GET OFF THE BED STERNLY HE WILL JUMP RIGHT OFF, Lets keep the animal training comments to a minimum!! I REPEAT WE ARE PLLAAYYYIINNNG. Share Read More »

Ten Life Hacks You Won’t Regret Knowing

life hacks

0 amazing tips and tricks you can use to impress your friends, and make your summer a little easier. In this video you’ll see how to; -Modify your water bottles so you get instant icy cold drinks every time -Get rid of ants using popcorn kernels (Natural and non-toxic pest control) -Turn your snack bags into custom snack bowls -Eliminate ... Read More »

Guy Gets Ass Kicked Out Of Dodgers Game

dodger game

Watch how security officers rush to him like in a Starcraft Zerg Rush and pin him donw. Share Read More »

He Almost Made It Across


This two wheeled ginger ninja almost made it on top of that hill.. Share Read More »

Best Open Carry Stop Ever


We meet up with Warren from Markedguardian and decide to take a stroll. The purpose of this video was to test the police atmosphere around firearms for not only legal, but personal views. This police officer shows both, and we later thanked him and the station. We needed to test the area because we were going to host the Patriot ... Read More »

Gropener – Beer Bottle Opener


Here’s someone who decided to invent the new bottle opener for those wanting a faster way of doing that. Share Read More »

Little Girl Loves Eating Raw Onions

fetita cu ceapa

It’s funny to see a little girl eating a raw onion or a lemon for the first time and to film her reaction. Share Read More »

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