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How We See A DJ Girl


Interesting perspectives of one girl mixing up at a DJ stand. Share Read More »

Meth Addict Loves Sepultura


This meth head really loves Sepultura and who can blame him? What do you expect him to listen, while on meth, Justin Bieber? Share Read More »

Human Pigeons On Google Street View


A bunch of friends decided to make history by wearing each one of them a pigeon mask and standing still while Google Street View took it’s pictures for the map. See them in Google Street View here. Share Read More »

Little Big Everyday I’m Drinking – Lyrics


These guys are like the Russian copy of Die Antwoord Little Big Everyday I’m Drinking – Lyrics Hey hey hey hey ! Hey hey hey hey ! Hey kiss my ass all ! Hey fuckin’ Russian soul Our country in deep shit yeah But I love, but I love you ! No future, no riche THIS IS RUSSIA BITCHE ! ... Read More »

Some of planet’s quietest creatures captured on tape


In a sound-proofed room, Jem Stansfield listens in on an experiment to try and catch the sounds of a maggot, snail and the footsteps of a centipede. Share Read More »

10 Bar Bets You Will Always Win


Here are 10 bar tricks that will make you win against your friends. Share Read More »

How To Be A Mean Brother By Keith Vanke


Keith Vanke shows us how to be a mean brother by doing nasty stuff to his little sister. Here is part 2: Here is part 3: Here is a small revenge from the little sister: Share Read More »

Kim Jung Gi Drawing Demonstration


This is a video of master Kim Jung Gi showing his incredible drawing skill on fast forward, recreating a revolution under the form of the Ying and Yang, in contrast by both sides of the war.   Share Read More »

Bullets Cross Section


This series of ammunition cross-sections was photographed inside a WWII bunker in Switzerland in Octomber of 2012. The cross sections reveal a hidden complexity and beauty of form, which stands in vast contrast to the destructive purpose of the object. Share Read More »

Crazy Asian Girl Dancing Like She’s Possessed


Asian Girls First Hit of X = LOL I don’t know what she’s on, but I personally want to thank the cameraman that filmed her during her transformation! Share Read More »

Cure Cancer With HIV


Here’s a weird twitch: Fight Cancer with HIV! By modifying and inserting the HIV virus into a little girl that had leukemia, managed to activate the immune system that it attacks the cancer cells, saving this little girl’s life. Share Read More »

Real Talk – Charlamagne Talks Free About Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber


Support real Rap and not that skinny jeans, Auto-tune, Pop, fake, corny, wack shit. I don’t always agree with Charlamagne Tha God but what he said here is some real shit. I just don’t understand why all these kids that were born rich (Pop-Hollywood industry) want to go down to this level. I understand most of them try to get ... Read More »

Clear Creek – AZ: Trampoline Cliff Jumping


These guys set up a trampoline next to a cliff at Clear Creek in Winslow, AZ. Tons of flips and cliff diving ensued. Great Times. Share Read More »

Don’t Mess With Canadian Farm Boys


Two good old boys from Letterkenny, Ontario, confront a couple of hockey players that are dating their sisters.   Share Read More »

Cop repeatedly tasing a naked man


Here’s another police brutality video: a naked man gets tased repeatedly by police even though he’s harmless. Prior to this video a security guard side checked the nude man and 2 policeman run over immediately, toss him towards the ditch and out of fear of the crowd begin tasing this man… Share Read More »

Russian Subway Leaves Goes Without Closed Doors


Safety in Russian Subway? No problem! This way ventilation is perfect Share Read More »

How To Make Ice Cream At Home


This crazy russian hacker shows us a way to make ice cream at home in a matter of minutes. We don’t know if this recipe works, but seems interesting enough to give it a try. Share Read More »

Who you gonna call – Ghost Mustard – Lyrics


If your hot dog tastes, Like a piece of wood, Who you gonna call? Ghost Mustard! Share Read More »

Russian Tampon Commercial


Leave it to the russians to make the best tampon commercial on the market! Share Read More »

How Nerds Play Basketball


I remember never doing this one time… Check out Ben Lapps playing basketball combined with a guitar. Bet you didn’t think about this before! Share Read More »

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