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Don’t Poke A Huntsman Spider


This guy thought it was a good ideea to poke a huntsman spider and the inevitable happened. Share Read More »

“Cat March” – The happiest video ever!


Have you ever seen a happier video than this? Watch all those kats marching on your screen Share Read More »

Black Man Eats Three Ghost Peppers


Why in the world would someone would wanna try eating three of the hottest peppers in the world? Share Read More »

French Bulldog Afraid Of It’s Own Fart


This French Bulldog is scared of his own farts. Share Read More »

How To Cut Cheese – Boska Holland Toastabags Dutch


This is the best way to slice and eat cheese I’ve seen by now. Thanks to the maker of this video, it changed my life Share Read More »

How We See A DJ Girl


Interesting perspectives of one girl mixing up at a DJ stand. Share Read More »

Meth Addict Loves Sepultura


This meth head really loves Sepultura and who can blame him? What do you expect him to listen, while on meth, Justin Bieber? Share Read More »

Human Pigeons On Google Street View


A bunch of friends decided to make history by wearing each one of them a pigeon mask and standing still while Google Street View took it’s pictures for the map. See them in Google Street View here. Share Read More »

10 Bar Bets You Will Always Win


Here are 10 bar tricks that will make you win against your friends. Share Read More »

How To Be A Mean Brother By Keith Vanke


Keith Vanke shows us how to be a mean brother by doing nasty stuff to his little sister. Here is part 2: Here is part 3: Here is a small revenge from the little sister: Share Read More »

Crazy Asian Girl Dancing Like She’s Possessed


Asian Girls First Hit of X = LOL I don’t know what she’s on, but I personally want to thank the cameraman that filmed her during her transformation! Share Read More »

Real Talk – Charlamagne Talks Free About Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber


Support real Rap and not that skinny jeans, Auto-tune, Pop, fake, corny, wack shit. I don’t always agree with Charlamagne Tha God but what he said here is some real shit. I just don’t understand why all these kids that were born rich (Pop-Hollywood industry) want to go down to this level. I understand most of them try to get ... Read More »

Clear Creek – AZ: Trampoline Cliff Jumping


These guys set up a trampoline next to a cliff at Clear Creek in Winslow, AZ. Tons of flips and cliff diving ensued. Great Times. Share Read More »

Don’t Mess With Canadian Farm Boys


Two good old boys from Letterkenny, Ontario, confront a couple of hockey players that are dating their sisters.   Share Read More »

How To Make Ice Cream At Home


This crazy russian hacker shows us a way to make ice cream at home in a matter of minutes. We don’t know if this recipe works, but seems interesting enough to give it a try. Share Read More »

Who you gonna call – Ghost Mustard – Lyrics


If your hot dog tastes, Like a piece of wood, Who you gonna call? Ghost Mustard! Share Read More »

Russian Tampon Commercial


Leave it to the russians to make the best tampon commercial on the market! Share Read More »

How Nerds Play Basketball


I remember never doing this one time… Check out Ben Lapps playing basketball combined with a guitar. Bet you didn’t think about this before! Share Read More »

How To Throw A Boomerang


I don’t know how this guy manages not to laugh but here’s his version on how to make a boomerang come back. Share Read More »

Huge Python Opening The Door By Itself


DAYUM! Ever seen a live dildo opening the door by itself? Sorry but I couldn’t help it. Why in the world would someone learn a huge snake to open the door? It’s the only thing that keeps you safe at night… Share Read More »

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