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It’s Fucking Bedtime! Guy Kicks Light


I think I found my new babysitter! This guy is very angry! Share Read More »

Girl Crying After Her First Encounter With An Elephant


This girl starts crying after her first feeding and petting an elephant at the Zoo Atlanta.   Share Read More »

Semi Truck Hangs Over Freeway – Look At All The Beer


Huge Semi Beer Truck Hangs Over Freeway Overpass Dumping 1000′s of Bud Light Beer On The Road Didn’t took long for this driver to completely forget about the hanging semi truck, as soon as he saw all the Bud Light beers spilled on the highway. Share Read More »

Robbie Magasiva Countdown Supermarket Prank


Next Actor – Robbie Magasiva Countdown – Jono and Ben at Ten In this regular Jono and Ben at Ten segment, Jono and Ben make Robbie Magasiva pretend to work at the Countdown Supermarket and control everything he does Share Read More »

Maid Of Honor Raps At Wedding (Eminem)


Jennifer Gabrielli delivers what may be the best surprise toast by any bridesmaid ever. Filmed by Ek Media Productions on June 29th 2013 at La Costa Resort, Ca Share Read More »

Cute Puppy Plays With Boobs


I don’t know what to look at first: the cute little puppy or those beautiful big boobs the girl has. Anyway, watching this clip made me smile for the rest of the day Share Read More »

Taylor Swift Automatic Caption Music Video


A couple of guys made a music video of Taylor Swifts’s Youtube automatic captions to some of her famous songs. This is what came out. Share Read More »

Psychological harassment at work


This french kitchen helper gets scared shitless day by day by a co-worker. Share Read More »

Guy Does Perfect Peter Griffin Impersonation At Comic Con


This guy does a perfect impersonation of Peter Griffin from Familiy Guy TV show, at Comic Con. Share Read More »

Cop Pepper Sprays Crazy Squirrel


Really? Pepper Spray a Squirrel? Now that’s a brave man! He had the courage to subdue the killer instinct in that savage wild beast. Share Read More »

The Smile Man with William Dafoe


Here’s a short interesting film about a man that has a car accident and gets a weird injury to his spine blocking some of his facial muscles leaving him smiling for the rest of his life.   Share Read More »

Dogs Versus Citrus


A cute compilation of dogs trying to eat lemons, limes or other citrus fruits. Share Read More »

Swedish Handcraft Ball Game


What sorcery is this? Find out more here – . Share Read More »

Funny Dog Goes Up The Stairs Backwards


This basenji can’t seem to handle wooden stairs very well and for some reason she walks up backwards. Share Read More »

The Internet Music Video


Some would say this is what the internet was made for: to mix together all the idios from every corner of the world intro one beautiful compilation! Share Read More »

Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing


This years Barbie Jeep Race at RBD was one for the record books with more drivers showing up than ever before and going all out for bragging rights and $200 cash! Share Read More »

Kitten Stealing Money


A kitty from Russia has a specific passion for money. Instead of stealing food, this little devil is taking his owner’s money! Share Read More »

ROBIN WILLIAMS: The Introvert Dictator – Set List: Stand-Up Without a Net


Robin Williams performs an improvised stand-up routine on topics provided to him on the spot. This is Set List, Stand-Up Without a Net! Share Read More »

This Kid Is Fascinated By Earthworms


Meet Michael and his fascination for worms! Share Read More »

10 Little Nigger Boys Indian TV Show


I’ve never heard a more racist child song ever, on TV. This indian woman host sings 10 little nigger boys without any concern that she’s insulting an entire nation. Share Read More »

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