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I Don’t Sell Crack, I’m A prostitute – Fort Worth COPS TV


Someone should promote this officer to detective because obviously his interrogation techniques are flawless! I’ve heard people say honest stuff on tv but this.. beats them all! Share Read More »

How To Shift Gears Like A Race Car Driver


No matter how dumb this seems, you’ll enjoy this as much as we did! Share Read More »

Ship My Pants Kmart Commercial


Kmart just launched a new commercial to promote their free shipping offer from Want to ship your pants too?   Share Read More »

The Taco Bell Spinning Effect


This guy, Richard, shows the world what could happen after eating at Taco Bell. Share Read More »

Seal Spinning Endlessly


What could be more fun than watching a Hawaiina monk seal spinning endlessly in the water? It’s like watching a metronome: you never get tired of it. This dude was filmed at the Waikiki Aquarium. Share Read More »

How Animals Eat Their Food – Hilarious Sketch


These guys (MisterEpicMann) made the funniest sketch I’ve seen so far this year: How animals eat their food! My question is: How to stop laughing while watching this? Share Read More »

Sex From A Male Perspective By Louis CK


Leave it to Louis CK to make a stand up about sex as seen from a man’s perspective. Share Read More »

How To Calm A Screaming Baby With Norwegian Black Metal Music


When everything else fails and your baby keeps on screaming and crying, norwegian black-metal is the answer. The song is K.I.N.G by Satyricon Share Read More »

The Exorcist – Dog Edition


This russian chihuahua is at his first meeting with a priest and, as you can see, they are trying very hard to cast out the demons that took over the little dog. Share Read More »

Funny Raccoon Walking Across The Wires


This pimpin’ ninja raccoon can’t be touched! He found the ancient way of crossing the street like a boss! Share Read More »

Old Spice | Watermelon – Soap Commercial 2013


Old Spice does it again! While the fabled isle of Fiji may or may not actually exist, new Fiji Bar Soap from Old Spice definitely does exist, probably at a grocery store or a sports area or somewhere else. Share Read More »

How To Pick Up Black Girls


VitalyzdTv is showing us how easy it is to pick up black chicks with the right catchphrase. Share Read More »

Slingshot Condom Applicator – Bill Gates Fundation Challenge


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation offers $100.000 for projects that will improve stuff around condoms like “easier to properly apply” and in response the Slingshot Channel came up with the fastest condom applicator there is in the form of a slingshot gun.   Share Read More »

Wisdom Tooth Removal Turns Girl In Hannah Montana


I thought the tooth fairy will put a dollar under the pillow but as an adult, if you remove a wisdom tooth you’ll turn into Hannah Montana. Share Read More »

Best Tricks A Dog Can Ever Do


This dog does in 1 minute more than I have accomplished in my life so far. No wonder the welsh sheepdog is one of the smartest breed in the world. Share Read More »

Best Of Patrick Star Gifs From Spongebob


A collection with the best gifs of Patrick Star from Spongebob cartoons mashed up in one video. Share Read More »

Humming Birds Filmed In Slow Motion At 225 FPS


Bruce Douglas Johnson from Vimeo managed to film several humming birds at his window in slow motion, at 225 fps, with a RED Epic-M camera with 2 different Canon lenses: 16-35mm and 70-200mm.   Share Read More »

Girl poops on water slide


This little girl poops her pants while sliding down a water slide leaving a trail of… poo.. of course Imagine how many times you took a mouthfull of water inside a waterpark and felt happy about it.   Share Read More »

Mom Reacts Funny To Son Telling He Left Girl Pregnant


I don’t know if this guy is joking or not but he sets up a camera to film his mom’s reaction when he tells her he left a girl pregnant. Instead of slapping him, his mom starts laughing and calls him an asshole. Now tha’s  A grade mom material!   Share Read More »

Hallway Swimming On The Floor


Hey, guess what: it’s stupid, easy to make, lots of fun, so this qualifies for the next viral trend. Am I right? Let’s see who’ll be the next highschool hallway floor swimmer. Share Read More »

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