Saturday, March 26, 2016
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Jenson Button from Formula 1 Shows of his Skills

Jenson Button McLaren

As we all know, Formula 1 is all about precision. The difference between winning and losing can be down to the smallest detail. Mobil 1 and McLaren-Honda decided to put their technical partnership to the test, by setting Jenson Button the ultimate challenge. Will he make it alive ? Watch ’till the end. Share

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PSY – DADDY Official Music Video(feat. CL of 2NE1) M/V

It seems that Psy managed to release a new viral video wich seems better than his famous Gangnam Style. Let’s see how fast Psy Daddy will reach 1 billion views, shall we? Share

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Verizon Web Browser and Video Calling in Minecraft (w/ CaptainSparklez)


I’ve seen alot of things in Minecraft from major cities to starships and home-made computers but this .. this i never thought it would be possible. This guy managed to actually make a video phone call INSIDE THE GAME. What’s the next level? A working Large Hadron Collider? Wi-fi inside the game?   If you want to know how they …

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Adele – Hello metal Cover by Leo Moracchioli

adele-hello.22.59 AM

We’ve all seen and listened Adele’s Hello new hit and some various club remixes , but have you heard the new Metal Version? Share

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Mia Khalifa Timeflies Original Music Video

Mia Khalifa

Well guys, we all know who Mia Khalifa is and, if not, you’ll find out now that Pornhub declared Mia Khalifa as being the most popular name on the website. That being said, here’s a slightly nsfw video of her dancing on Timeflies. Share

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Three Old Ladies Smoking Weed For The First Time

grandmas smoking weed

After the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in the state of Washington, here’s a group of three grandmas who had never smoked pot and gave them an opportunity to try it for the first time.   Share

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Ken Block Gymkhana 7 – Los Angeles


One does not simply gets into a massive Ford Mustang and starts drifting away on the streets of LA, unless you are Ken Block.   Share

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Dance On The Circle – Stunning Visual Art


What this guy does is so mesmerizing that I can’t take my eyes off my screen while he plays on his moving table. Share

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Best Fails This Week


Some of them will really make you close your eyes. The’re quite painful!   Share

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Husky Really Wants To Play With Cat

husky cat

Look at this cute dog trying to play with a cat. Too bad the cat is not in the mood for a quick play Share

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100 Years Of Fashion In 100 Seconds


This wonderful couple made a dance mashup of 100 years of fashion in 100 seconds. It’s fun to see how dance styles changed and how our outfits evolved. Share

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Rihanna What Now Official Video With Lyrics


Rihanna “What Now” lyrics I’ve been ignoring this big lump in my throat I shouldn’t be crying, tears were for the weaker days I’m stronger now, or so I say, But something’s missing Whatever it is, it feels like It’s laughing at me through the glass of a two-sided mirror Whatever it is, it’s just laughing at me And I …

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Guy Smashes Head Through Coffe Table


Dude smashes his head through this solid wood coffe table like it was a piece of cardboard and his friends are there to record it Share

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Jean Claude Van Damme Does A Split On Two Volvo Trucks


Famous actor Jean Claude Van Damme made an agreement with Volvo Trucks to perform one of his favourite moves, the leg split, sitting on the mirrors of two Volvo Trucks while going backwards. This is 100% real and you can see below the interview where he takes the decision to show the world the stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering.   …

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Harrison Ford Takes $1000 Bribe From Conan O’Brien

harrison ford

Harrison Ford Takes $1,000 Bribe For New “Star Wars” Spoilers CONAN Highlight: Conan offers Harrison a cool grand to spill the beans about Episode VII, and Harrison agrees. Sorta. Share

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Sheep Protesting


Man is having fun talking to a bunch of sheep like having a speech like a politician. Share

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Crazy Koolaid Bird Suffers From Excitement Overload

excited bird

The owner says she can’t let him play with this toy too much due to excessive biting. Share

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Surfing Killer Whales Close Encounter With Newly Wed Couple

surfing whales

Couple’s Amazing Close Encounter with Surfing Killer Whales in Boat Wake Rich & Laura Howard celebrated their Wedding Anniversary in La Paz Mexico and experienced a frightful yet amazing encounter with Killer Whales. The couples friendly resident sea lion dive was cut short after 17-20 of the Orcas decided to come play behind the boat. Share

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Dog Versus Leaf Blower

dov versus leaf blower

Would you look at those teeth? Can someone tell me that these animals are not designed for killing others? Share

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Scott Dunbar Michael Jackson Cover

billy jean cover

This is one of the best Billie Jean cover I’ve ever heard and he is a simple street artist.   Share

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