Saturday, March 26, 2016
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Skinny White Kid Knocks Two Black Guys In Street Fighting


Crazy fight took place the other night where one skinny white kid knocked two black guys like they were made of Jell-O.   Share

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Walmart Employee KO’s Manager After Argument


After an employee feels disrespected about an incident the night before, He confronts the manager and calls him a racist. The manager and the associate exchanges words. Share

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Pissed Off Russian Breaks Road Rage With Gun


A classical road rage breaks between a couple of russian drivers and just when the fun part is about to start, another pissed off driver pulls out a gun and breaks the fight. Share

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Road Rage Fight Ends With Shaking Hands


Now that’s something you don’t see every day! Two drivers start to fight but end the argument like true gentlemans by shaking hands. Share

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Injustice: Gods Among us – Cheats, Tips And All Special Moves


Watch all the special moves you can perform in the latest action game Injustice: Gods Among us. See below Cheats and Tips for Injustice: Gods Among us: Don’t Forget To Block Press the screen with two fingers to block, and do so often. The more you advance, the more aggressive the computer becomes. Just remember that you’ll lose a small …

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Drunk Guy Knocked Out At A Concert


He who never got wasted in his life please step away, the rest of you please answer this: How godlike must one feel to pick on a guy two times bigger? This drunk retard must have played Gods Of War recently and he thought it would be a good ideea to taunt the biggest guy he could find and the …

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Man Pulls Gun During Road Rage Fight


This guy sucker punched the driver sitting in the car but got his ass kicked in the next second so he decided to pull a gun in this road rage fight. What do you guys think? Share

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Drunk Bully Gets Sucker Punched During SXSW 2013 Festival


A bystander gets very annoyed by a drunk idiot who tries to pick fights with random people and sucker punches him to Valhalla during SXSW 2013 Festival on 6th Austin Texas.   Share

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Guy Gets Punched In The Face By Human Statue


This drunken idiot really had it coming. He pushed the street artist to his limits but after the punch, the human statue remained calm, like a boss! Share

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This is How Spiderman Should Fight – Taekwondo Spiderman


This guy has some serios Spiderman moves, flips, kicks, punches and crazy attacks. Also, some of them on the Body Opponent Bag (BOB). The Song is called: Dirty Guitar Soundtrack Beat 118BPM It is Royalty Free and can be found on:   Share

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Double Knock Out Brandon Alexander Vs Aaron Britt – Galaxy Fight Night IV


During a MMA fight at the Galaxy Fight Night IV event in Yuba City, California, fighters Brandon Alexander and Aaron Britt syncronised their punches to a Double Knock Out in the first 14 seconds of the fight.   Share

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Drunk Girl Punches Guy In The Face And Gets Punched Back


The look on her face when the guy punches her back is Priceless! Who would have thought that a person would actually hit back! Incredible… Some would say this is barbaric when a man is hitting a woman but remember this final word: He hit her BACK! Share

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Student Hit In The Neck With A Desk


The guy in the blue shirt stole a soda from the red shirt guy’s backpack when he wasn’t in class. The student in red shirt got very angry and used his desk to slam the blue shirt kid in the neck violently and a small fight starts immediatly.   Share

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Bully Beat Up In Locker Room


This stupid bully thinks he’s god, even though he’s one head smaller, until the guy he’s picking on enters Rage Mode and pounds the bully like he’s made out of bubble gum. Share

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Weird Hotel Lobby Fight


Crazy drunk redneck thinks he’s fighting for his life! Starring the World’s Most Pathetic Hillbilly, Bubba Slappystein. One thing – Don’t Laugh at him! I like how everyone gets involved! Share

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Three Versus One Fight

three vs 1 fight in china

Three guys jump one fighter to beat him up but he seems to have some pretty good fighting skills. Share

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Cool Fight Scene Choreography Filmed With GoPro


Hey everyone, Joey here with Christian Crosby ( and we put together this little concept video. Although this idea has been done before, I don’t think it has been given a chance to be fully realized as a creative medium in delivering an action scene while being executed somewhat decently. This view is usually associated with first person shooters, much …

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Polish Store Owner Beats Robbers


One of the thugs was caught red-handed in may 2012 during a computer shop burglary. After being released, he came back to the shop with another thug, threatening staff with total demolition of the shop. Then… the store owner comes from the back office. Share

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The Ultimate Fighter – Uriah Hall Versus Adam Cella – Brutal Knock Out


During a fight between Uriah Hall and Adam Cella, in The Ultimate Fighter TV Show, Adam gets a nasty kick to the back of the neck and falls down unconscious. Share

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Las Vegas Police Brutality: Man Beaten For Videotaping From Across The Street


Las Vegas police agree to pay $100,000 to beaten videographer. Crooks was videotaping police from his driveway the night of March 20 as officers investigated a burglary across the street near East Desert Inn Road and South Maryland Parkway. As Colling was driving away, he stopped his car, got out and approached Crooks. He ordered Crooks to stop filming, and …

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