Wednesday, March 23, 2016
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Best Fails This Week


Some of them will really make you close your eyes. The’re quite painful!   Share

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Worst Taekwondo Martial Arts Demo Ever

demo tae kwan do

This martial arts instructor made a fool of himself by repeatedly attempting to crack a board with his ands and with his feet. At least give him credit for trying. Share

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Climbing A Building Fail


So, so close.. You can tell he started to regret his decision about 2/3rds the way up. Share

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Iguana Fart


This is something the pet store will never tell how: Iguanas Fart! Share

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Crazy Man Is Raping A Motorcycle


How much can one person love a motorcycle? Enough to have sex with it! Check out this crazy Malaysian man cought on camera. Share

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Crane Moving Downhill Fail


Ok so going up was pretty easy, let’s see if going down is easier Share

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Guy With Gas Canister Fails At Val Thorens Afterparty


Dude tries to be cool by opening the pressure valve to a gas canister during a party but looses control immediatly.   Share

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Can’t Stop A Truck? Throw A Rock At It!


Man tries to stop a truck from passing by and fails miserably. Share

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Surströmming Challenge (UNCENSORED)


Surströmming (pronounced [sʉ̌ːʂtrœmːɪŋ], Swedish “soured (Baltic) herring”) is a staple of traditional northern Swedish cuisine and is fermented Baltic herring. The Baltic herring, known as strömming in Swedish, is smaller than the Atlantic herring, found in the North Sea, and traditionally the definition of strömming (Baltic herring) is herring fished in the brackish waters of the Baltic north of the Kalmar …

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Texas Guys Try To Eat Fermented Fish From Finland


A bunch of texas manly guys try to eat a surstromming raw and uncut louhe87 can from Finland (fermented fish) and hilarity sets in. Their reaction is epic!Thanks Ricky B, Alex T and Matt J for this awesome video. Share

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Reporter Drops The F Word Live


KFYR news anchor A.J. Clemente dropped the F word on live TV forcing the station to suspend him after they were flooded with complaints.   Share

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Russian Lifeguards Fail Miserably


It seems that these two russian lifeguards never saw an episode of Baywatch and their attempt to sail towards the victims is a major FAIL! Hopefully everybody was ok cause these two guys might have ended up across the ocean, later on. Share

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Live Podcast Fail – Oh My God


Oh my god! Oh my god! Share

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Brain Freeze Contest – Woman Falls To The Ground


Indeed a brain freeze competition. Even though everybody thought that the woman in the left would win the contest, her brain stopped just before the finish and she collapsed to the ground. Share

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Google Glass – St. Patrick’s Day Derrick Hannan


As you know, Google Glass went into limited beta release this week and some lucky customers were allowed to use this device for 24 hours. This is Derrick Hannan’s St Patrick Day weekend through Google Glass.   Share

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Strong Man Competition Boulder falls on Craig Bongelli


The competitor’s name is Craig Bongelli and he survived, managing to get by with only a few scratches and some bruising. Despite the accident, Craig Bongelli finished fourth in the atlas stones event and tied for third place overall in the competititon.   Share

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Balance Beam Fail


Tha’s gotta hurt! But if I was a judge and had to give this guy a score for his aerial nutshot backflip, i’d say 8.5 out of 10 Share

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Most Cans Opened In Three Seconds


By the looks of his skills, this guy doesn’t have a day job, yet Share

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Mortar Round Fail In Colombia

mortar round fail

They were lucky that grenade was a dud, could have ended a lot worse. Share

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Fail Compilation Of The Month


It’s nasty when you take a fall but we all love to watch others failing Share

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