Saturday, March 26, 2016
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Husky Really Wants To Play With Cat

husky cat

Look at this cute dog trying to play with a cat. Too bad the cat is not in the mood for a quick play Share

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Cat Behaviour Explained

cat behaviour

Body language in cats explained by a professional This video shows some of the common body postures and facial expressions in cats, some of which can be easily misinterpreted by people as cats are so subtle in their behaviour. Share

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Rambo The Parkour Cat


Anyone thinks that Rambo is a strange name for a female cat? Anyway, this kitty has some serious free running skills. Share

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Kitty Loves Watermelon


This cat is addicted to watermelon. Look at her nibbling at that slice of watermelon. Share

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Cat Goes Nuts While Being Scratched


Cat.exe has stopped working! Error 983 – Cat Malfunction due to external source! It seems that this cat is broken. Can someone fix it? Share

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Kitten Refuses To Leave Warm Bath


This cat really loves sitting in warm water and refuses to leave! Share

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Most Annoying Cat In The World


Either the owner has catnip in his hands or the cat simply wants to kill him Anyway, the cat has a funny way of getting between his legs. Share

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Cat Opens Five Doors To Get Out


Leon the cat – Мачорот Леон – Skopje, Macedonija – Скопје, Македонија Share

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Cat Sticks Up For Kid Against “Angry Dad”


This cat tries it’s best to stop the father’s agrresion towards his son by biting and grabbing dad’s legs. Share

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Cat Loves Being Vacuumed


I cannot understand how some cats simply adore being vacuumed and when I try to get near my cats with the vacuum cleaner, they run for their lives.   Share

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Cat Has Awesome Ninja Skills


I think it’s time somebody makes a Teenage Mutant Ninja Cats serial. This Kitty has one hell of a back legs grip. Share

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Adorable Kitty Sleeps With A Whole Family Of Chicks


This is the cutest thing I’ve seen this weekend! This cute adorable little kitty cat sleeps with a bunch of chicks that cuddles in with him. Share

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Alpaca Cuddles With Cats


These two cats take advantage of this cute alpaca, Lacey, allowing her to cuddle together only to take advantage of this warm pile of fuzz   Share

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Cat Dragging The Dog By Leash


This cat is taking the dog home after his daily walk. I wonder how the owners managed to train the cat to do this but we are glad that someone filmed it. Share

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Cat Plays Fetch


This guy discovered that his cat, Bruiser, plays fetch just like a dog and it wasn’t just a one time fluke, he does it over and over again.   Share

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Cute Kitten Sounds Just Like A Goat


This furry little kittens makes the most funny sounds ever! First I thought it was a fake video because this kitten sounds just like a goat but then I found out cats make these funny sounds from time to time when they are stressed or hunting or simply can’t reach something they want. Share

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Someone Give This Lazy Begging Cat Some Food


This begging cat is so lazy that he doesn’t even stands up to beg properly. But I love him!   Share

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This Cat Has The Loudest Angry Scream Ever


Someone put some chloroform on this cat please! I don’t know how his owners can live with him making these loud noises when he’s angry. Geez… Share

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Little Kitten Gets Scared By Sneeze


Poor little kitty! She was focused on playing when all of the sudden the human sneezed and the reaction is hilarious. It’s even better than the baby panda sneezing viral. Share

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Ever Played With Your Cat The Ghost In The Sheets?


Is there any cat owner who didn’t try the ghost under the sheets game with his cat? If so, shame on you! Cats love ghost especially those hidden under the bed sheets. So stop wasting time and get your hand under the sheets   Share

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