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Lucky driver moves his car right before tree falls


This is one lucky guy! Without knowing he moves his car at the right moment, right before a huge tree falls on that spot. Share Read More »

Awesome car drifts and hot sexy chicks, Hungary does it best!


A really cool video with drifting cars in Hungary and, as a bonus, with several hot sexy girls. P.S. Slightly not safe for work content (but you’ll enjoy it ). Share Read More »

Dash Cam videos: Fatal accident between VW Passat and a Volvo Truck


It seems that the Passat was speeding and lost control , heading straight forward into a Volvo Truck.   Share Read More »

Jeremy Clarkson drives the smallest car in the world, the P45


During Top Gear, series 19 episode 1, Jeremy Clarkson tested the world’s smallest car in the world, the P45, wich he designed. This is an actually car that passed all the official tests required to get a licence plate. The P45 is so small that you can fuel it without getting out of the car and the fuel capacity is ... Read More »

Drag Racing: Tesla Model S Performance vs Dodge Viper SRT10


Let’s see who wins this 1/4 mile drag race between a Dodge Viper SRT10 and a Tesla Model S Performance.   Share Read More »

Dash Cam Videos: Car crash compilation


Watch a big compilation of car crashes mixed into this video compilation. Share Read More »

Russian road rage revenge


The angry driver who wanted to show who’s the king of the road got what he deserved in this dash cam recorded russian road rage. Share Read More »

Mobility scooter nearly wiped out on public road

mobility scooter near wipeot

The scooter’s driver suddenly decided to make a right turn and was nearly taken out by a Honda Hybrid from behind.     Share Read More »

Only in Russia you get to see a tank crossing the highway


You’re driving down the road when suddenly you see a tank crossing the highway, out of nowhere. Share Read More »

Good ol’ fashion american burnout


Yep, it’s retardet but we must enjoy all the small things in life, no? Share Read More »

Scooterist escapes being crushed under a container truck


A container truck steers too fast in an intersection and flips on a side, nearly crushing to death a scooterist. Share Read More »

The’ve blocked Highway 880 in Oakland with their drift show


A bunch of drivers stopped traffic on HWY 880 to have a “drifting battle”.   Share Read More »

Queensland floods – Police gets major surprise


Police from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, gets a major surprise as a car appears out of nowhere, underneath the massive foam created on the shoreline during recent strong winds and flooding. What if the car was a DeLorean , from Back to the Future? Share Read More »

Working LEGO Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Cabriolet PDK


This is awesome! This guy built a working Porsche 911 using only LEGO parts and he is giving away some of his secrets  like the instructions for the chassis and axles. You wil need to install SR3D Builder for this digital models (extension .L3B).     Share Read More »

Dash cam video: accident on bridge


An accident recorded on a bridge in Russia shows a minivan braking a bit too late and hitting the car in front. Share Read More »

How not to jump a sand dune with a Toyota FJ Cruiser


Yep, he nailed it.   Share Read More »

Go test your driving skills in Russia

dash cam videos, dashcam videos, driving in russia, compilation

A compilation of traffic incidents in Russia filmed with dash cams. Share Read More »

How to remove a car engine in a few seconds

remove car engine, world record, funny videos

This should be a new world record! These guys manage to pull out a car engine in a few seconds with minimal effort. Share Read More »

Pedestrian avoiding accident like a boss


To minimize the impact force of the accident, a lucky pedestrian jumps on the windshield of the car with perfect timing. By the way, was that a russian police officer hoding a gun at the begining of the clip? Share Read More »

Dash cam video: car crush caught at high speed


A dash cam records one brutal accident where one car hits an SUV at high speed, generating a chain reaction. Share Read More »

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