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Driver Pulls Gun But Forgets To Pull Handbrake


Idiot, but aggresive, russian driver stops his car, pulls the gun out but forgets to pull the handbrake. Share Read More »

Rear-Ended By Crazy Truck Driver


This truck driver has had it with traffic jams! At 1:10 he decides to do something about it and bumps the car in front of him. Share Read More »

Guerlain Chicherit Mini Car Backflip in Tignes


Guerlain Chicherit backflips his Mini in air and manages to land safley in Tignes. Guerlain had to maintain exactly 60kph and be full on the throttle on the ramp to achieve the correct velocity. He made two attempts: one in private to prove it worked – and he was still in one piece – and then a second in front ... Read More »

People High On Pot Test Their Driving Skills


CNN tested three drivers of varying ages to see how their driving skills are affected after they get high on marijuana. A driving instructor accompanied them to make sure no accident will take place and police officers watched from the sidelines to spot anything unnatural in their movements. Even though this could not pass as a scientific experiment because of ... Read More »

Best Drunken Driver Video Ever


Police officers are investigating a strange call saying there’s a man sitting at the wheel of a damaged car, in a shopping mall’s car park. Cop: “What’s going on?” Drunken Driver: “I’m just waiting for a mate” Update: Victorian driver Clint had this to say when confronted by local law enforcement questioning why his vehicle was parked halfway up an ... Read More »

Brutal Hit and Run In Manchester City Centre


Police investigating a hit and run that left a man with catastrophic injuries have released CCTV of the collision as they appeal for the public’s help to trace a man. At around 2.30am on Tuesday 21 August 2012, police were called to John Dalton Street, following reports a silver Vauxhall Corsa had collided with three pedestrians before driving off.  It is ... Read More »

Lucky Old Lady Escapes Death From Under Truck


This is one crazy, but lucky, old lady! She tried to cross the street in a hurry and the truck driver didn’t see her at all so he rammed her to the ground. By a miracle the woman wasn’t crushed under the wheels of the truck and managed to live another day. Share Read More »

Dash Cam Videos: Car Crash On Snowy Road


Watch the guy on the left side doing a dangerous overtake and trying to avoid an accident but looses control of his car. I like the coincidence when the accident takes place, the song (Gotye – Somebody that i used to know) is at the exact lyric – “You didn’t have to cut me off”. Share Read More »

Need For Drive 2: Giorgi Tevzadze Street Drifting In Tbilisi, Georgia


Russian drifter Giorgi Tevzadze is back with his BMW M5 drifting in Georgia. The clip was posted on the Need4drive Youtube channel, saying this is the last ILLEGAL street racing video promising that next videos will be only with street legal racing. Let’s hope so! Check out Georgi Tevzadze’s previous illegal drifting video he posted a while ago.   Share Read More »

Car Ran Into Automatic Doors In Canada

car through automatic doors

The driver didn’t even react even though he had a small chance of avoiding this incident. Share Read More »

Hammond & May Argue In A Porsche Over The Seat Heaters

Hammond & May fight in the Porsche over heated seats

Out take from series 13 in which Richard Hammond and James May race the new Porsche Panamera against a Royal Mail train. In this clip, Richard finds out how effective the seat heaters are, and then makes sure James does too! Share Read More »

Brutal Accident: Woman Blown Away By Speeding Car


Woman miraculously survived with broken hip and light cerebral contusion after she was thrown in the air by a speeding car, in Russia. Share Read More »

Dash Cam Videos: Deadly Crash Between Two Trucks


Un unexplainable accident took place in Russia. All of the sudden a truck takes a left turn right when another truck was coming on the other lane. The full frontal impact was imminent… Share Read More »

2013 BMW 3 Series All New GT Gran Turismo Commercial


See the new 2013 BMW 3 series all new GT Gran Turismo in detail first commercial Carjam TV HD car TV show. The all-new BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo adds an innovative new concept to the successful BMW 3 Series line-up. It combines the Sedan’s dynamic, sporting genes with the practicality and versatility of the Touring, qualities which are backed ... Read More »

Go Cart Racing on Autobahn


Car broke down, had to use son’s cart to get to work on the Autobahn Share Read More »

VIDEO: This Is Why You Should Clear The Snow Off Your Car


Who would have thought that snow will blow off a car, when speeding? Unbelievable! Share Read More »

Nasty Motorcycle Accident In Poland


That’s gotta leave some broken bones at least… Next time maybe he won’t be showing off in traffic. Share Read More »

Dash Cam: Chinese Road Rage


Yep.. you honk me, I attack you with my iron bar, makes sense… Share Read More »

Dash Cam: The Car In Front Just Dissapeared


What sorcery is this? The white SUV in front accelerates and suddenly disappears from sight. Share Read More »

Fail Video: Jeep Jumps Over Sand Dune


Look ma, no seatbelt! Yet another fail video of a Jeep flying in the air after jumping a sand dune. Share Read More »

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