Saturday, March 26, 2016
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Ken Block Gymkhana 7 – Los Angeles


One does not simply gets into a massive Ford Mustang and starts drifting away on the streets of LA, unless you are Ken Block.   Share

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Jean Claude Van Damme Does A Split On Two Volvo Trucks


Famous actor Jean Claude Van Damme made an agreement with Volvo Trucks to perform one of his favourite moves, the leg split, sitting on the mirrors of two Volvo Trucks while going backwards. This is 100% real and you can see below the interview where he takes the decision to show the world the stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering.   …

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Tim Allen’s Car Collection

car collection

Tim Allen may have more cars than necessary, but no one’s mad about it. He shares his private garage containing an eclectic collection of authentic American motors with everything from a 1965 Shelby Cobra S/C to a 1933 Ford Roadster that he built on the set of Home Improvement. Share

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Digital Carjackers


A couple of hackers show off a series of nasty new attacks on cars—with Forbes’ Andy Greenberg behind the wheel. “Stomping on the brakes of a 3,500-pound Ford Escape that refuses to stop–or even slow down–produces a unique feeling of anxiety. In this case it also produces a deep groaning sound, like an angry water buffalo bellowing somewhere under the …

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Lamborghini Gallardo Versus Corvette ZR1


One does not simply mess with american muscle, on russian roads! Share

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Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T – Vs – Worlds Fastest Mobility Scooter – 1/4 mile


Whoa! Whoa! I’ve never seen a scooter so fast that can pass a speeding Skyline like the car was standing still. Share

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Son Buys Back Dad’s Mustang Mach 1 Back


24 years ago my dad, Rick Lookebill, had to part ways with his first car, a 1972 Mustang MACH 1. Over the years he has talked of wanting to locate it and we even ran across it once in Clinton, Illinois in 1999. Recently, he has had a “spark” in his interest of finding it and we were able to …

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Gas Tank Explosion


We don’t know what happened but here’s a russian gas tank exploding on a russian highway. Share

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2013 Porsche 991 GT3 Specs | Video


Ever wondered what it feels like driving the new £100,000 Porsche 911 GT3?. Could it be the world’s best sports car? You bet it could. Keep in mind: 4 wheel steering, automatic gearbox and much more. Share

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Koenigsegg Accident At Wypadek Gran Turismo Polska 2013 – Poznań, Hlonda


Some dude didn’t manage to control his Koenigsegg and rammed 14 people but luckily only 4 of  the victims suffered severe injuries, nobody died.   Share

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How To Avoid Traffic Jam In Russia


Russians know how to avoid traffic jams! Take a look at this crazy man in his small car passing by on the center lane wall. Share

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Extremely Lucky Russian Pedestrians


Due to insurance fraud issues in Russia, almost all drivers have dash cams installed and that turned into an explosion of accidents videos online. This is a compilation of lucky escapes from sudden death situations.   Share

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Dangerous Toyota River Crossing


How in the world did they made it across? Beats me… Share

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Father Advices His Daughter What To Do In Car Accident


This is a lesson she will remember her whole life: While her father was explaining real situations and what she must do in case of a car crash, a motorcycle accident takes place in front of them. Share

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4X4 Boogie Driver Never Gives Up – Southern Rock Racing Series


Richie took a nasty roll on the first hill during the 2nd race of the Southern Rock Racing Series but he didn’t let that slow him down, he kept his calm and made the hill and the crowd went crazy. Share

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How A Low Car Passes Over Speedbump


I don’t know what these guys got in their trunk but it seems they are properly prepared for speedbumps. Share

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Biker Almost Died


Whoa! That was close! If the biker was more on the center of the lane, we would have seen some air footage from his helmet cam. Share

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VOLAR-e Applus+Idiada Fastest Electric Car 2013 Specifications | Wallpapers | Video

volare wallpaper1

1.000 hp and 1,500 Nm Fastest Electric Supercar in the World Spanish engineering firm Applus+Idiada has developed an electric supercar known as Volar-E. Presentation of the most powerful electric prototype Applus+Idiada was chosen in 2012 by the European Commission to design and build a high-performance EV and for this project they collaborated with Croatian firm Rimac. Development took only three …

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Toyota Highlander Crashing Into House


Looks like a “classic” Electronic Throttle Control fail situation where the driver was only able to regain control with the PRNDL but still ended up halfway inside the house. Toyota’s response was “…no evidence of any sort of manufacturing or design defect…”   Share

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Canadian Rednecks Drive Their Car Through A Caravan


Some french canadian rednecks drive their car through a caravan just for laughs. Now that’s pure redneck material! Share

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