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Cop repeatedly tasing a naked man


Here’s another police brutality video: a naked man gets tased repeatedly by police even though he’s harmless. Prior to this video a security guard side checked the nude man and 2 policeman run over immediately, toss him towards the ditch and out of fear of the crowd begin tasing this man… Share Read More »

Russian Subway Leaves Goes Without Closed Doors


Safety in Russian Subway? No problem! This way ventilation is perfect Share Read More »

Lightning Strikes Mother And Daughter’s Umbrella


The lightning hit two pedestrians. The 28-year-old mother and her six-year-old daughter were hospitalized with first and second degree burns. Looks like lightning hit their umbrella. Share Read More »

Amazing Demonstration Of Quadcopters Athletic Abilities


This guy, Rafaello D’Andrea, shows us some incredible tricks performed by quadcopters like running with severe injuries, balancing difficult items or even playing with a ball. Share Read More »

Relaxing HD Nature Scenes With Ambient Sounds


Relax and listen to 60 minutes of calming HD woodland sights and sounds like streaming water or singing birds. Share Read More »

What is Google X ? Here Are 5 True Facts About Google X


I must admit I’ve never heard about Google X but I imagine it’s something related to special projects such as Google Glass, Google Driverless Technology and stuff like that. Here is a guy trying to explain a little more about this concept and he gives a few examples of technology developed under the name of Google X Department. 5. Secret ... Read More »

Demolition Ends Up In Tragic Accident


During this demolition two people were badly injured and 29-year-old Titov died at the hospital.   Share Read More »

Flooding In Germany – Guy Has Fish Swimming At His Window


Many parts of Europe have been hit with the worst floods in 70 years and this german dude filmed some fishes swimming next to his window.   Share Read More »

Airplane Low Passing Close To Apartment Buildings


If you are looking for very cheap apartments, head over to Russia. The catch is that you could wake up in the middle of the night with an airplane in your house! Share Read More »

Quick Key – School Grading System On Your Smartphone


Quick Key is a software designed by real teachers that turns your phone into an optical scanner to grade quizzes, tests and surveys on paper, up to 30 questions long. Then, Quick Key allows the user to run analytics right on your phone and uploads the data to your electronic grade book. Find out more about this app here.   ... Read More »

How Turkish Protesters Deal With Teargas


At first I thought he will throw the teargas grenade back but what he did was pretty smart! Share Read More »

The Faroe Islands


Let’s find out more about this incredible location situated on Faroe Islands. Faroe Islands are located in the north Atlantic Ocean, between Great Britain and Iceland. Politically, Faroe Islands are under the sovereignity of the Kingdom of Denmark with a total area of 1.400 square km (540 sq miles) with a population of almost 50.000 people. The Faroe islands has ... Read More »

Fat Gas Station Clerk Can’t Hold Woman Stealing Cash


We should call this the story of Cinderella and the Fat Ass Clerk. A Fort Pierce woman is being held in the Martin County jail today after she allegedly admitted that she is the woman who lost her sandals after robbing a Chevron gas station in Atlantis earlier this week. Heather Kelly, 25, faces a charge of robbery after she ... Read More »

How Ink Jet Printers Steal Your Ink


This guy discovered how ink jet printers steal ink from your cartridge making you spend tons of money for new ones. Share Read More »

300: Rise of An Empire Official Trailer HD


Oh my God! It’s been too long since I’ve waited for a follow up to the famous 300 movie with Gerard Butler. It seems we must wait until March 2014 for the sequel 300: Rise of An Empire but from this trailer it seems the waiting is worthed. Share Read More »

#Publooshocker – Stop Drinking And Driving


Filmed in a North London pub, THINK!’s #publooshocker launched on 6th June 2013 and seeks to dissuade drivers from drinking and driving. Share Read More »

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Go-Around in Heavy Rain


The approach flown was a CAT I ILS. I could see the rain column approach from the other side of the field so I got out my phone camera from the jump seat. You can hear the GPWS announce minimums at 200′ AGL, and shortly after all visibility is lost due to rain. You do not hear the “50″ foot ... Read More »

Estas Tonne – Amazing Street Guitarist


Estas Tonne – The Song of the Golden Dragon – Stadtspektakel Landshut 2011 This russian guitarist, Estas Tonne, is one tough street artist. Watch him performe at the Buskers Festival Stadtspektakel in Landshut in September 2011 in the Old Town with “The Song of the Golden Dragon”.   Share Read More »

The Division Gameplay HD – PlayStation 4


LOS ANGELES — June 10, 2013 — Today at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), Ubisoft announced the development of Tom Clancy’s The Division, a groundbreaking online, open-world Action RPG for Xbox One®, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system. The Division will arrive in 2014. Tom Clancy’s The Division is developed by Massive™ ... Read More »

Inside Japan’s Underground Bicycle Parking Systems


Let’s have a glimpse at Japan’s misterious underground bicycle parking systems. Safe from robbers, safe from nasty weather and takes lesser space than conventional bike parking systems.   Share Read More »

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