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An Iranian Oil Platform Sunk As It Was Being Built


Iran Persian Gulf 29.01.2013 – Iranian Oil Platform sinks at bottom of Persian Golf Share Read More »

Beautiful Tornado timelapse footage


An interesting storm timelapse with comments made by the author of the video. Share Read More »

Students Bully Teacher in Estonia


A big school scandal has taken place in Estonia.This incident has gotten the people in an uprise, demanding more rights to the teachers. The bullys have been identified and await measures. The worst they can be facing, is being expelled or banned from schoolwork for an unknown period of time. Share Read More »

Incredible CGI Short Film: Stardust


PostPanic director Mischa Rozema’s new short film, Stardust, is a story about Voyager 1 (the unmanned spacecraft launched in 1977 to explore the outer solar system). The probe is the furthest man-made object from the sun and witnesses unimaginable beauty and destruction. The film was triggered by the death of Dutch graphic designer Arjan Groot, who died aged 39 on ... Read More »

Crazy russian teens doing some crazy things


First episode of the Internet show about street underground culture, travels, adventures and really dangerous extreme sports! This is a story about how get to the top of the crane that mounted on the roof of the tallest building in Europe. So… its illegal and unsafe =) Share Read More »

Guy in wheelchair drifting


Who said that you can’t enjoy life, even in a wheelchair? This dude right here is a real bad ass, despite his limitations!   Share Read More »

The Centrifuge Brain Project


The “Centrifuge Brain Project” gives an insight on scientific experiments with amusement park rides. Share Read More »

Canada Seen by Canadians


Who made this clip asked Canadians to pick up their cameras and share some of Canada’s best travel experiences. The response was incredible; here is just 2 minutes from 65 hours of video and 7,000 submissions.   Share Read More »

Woman hears herself for the first time in her life


This 30 years old ¬†girl, named Sarah Churman, was born deaf and a couple of years ago she received a hearing implant. This is the video of the implant turned on and the girl hearing herself for the first time. The implant is called Esteem, offered by Envoy Medical.   Share Read More »

Mr and Mrs Sith – Best Star Wars Fan Movie


The guys ant Defcon Unlimited Stuntteam made one of the best Star Wars Fan Movie i’ve ever seen. The clip shows a fight between two Sith Lords, a male and a female, with excellent choreography, to expand their awareness as professional stunt performers. They have worked with LucasArts before, doing a promotion tour for the SWTOR – Star Wars The ... Read More »

the I of IT walkthrough – All Levels


This is the walkthrough for one of the best online puzzle games ever made, The I of IT. You can play it on our website too, just make a click here : Play The I of IT. For those that find some levels a bit too difficult, you can always watch this full walkthrough of The I of IT and ... Read More »

Marquese Scott – aka NonStop – Nonstop | Feel The Love | Peugeot 208


See the dubstep dance god, Marquese Scott – aka NonStop – having fun in a Peugeot 208 commercial. The song is called Feel the love – by Rudimental. Watch his performance on Ellen Show here and enjoy his last moves on Adele – Set fire to the rain. Share Read More »



Laws of gravity do not apply for these four guys, especially for Marque Scott, the guy in blue. The song is intitled Illusion of choice – by Gramatik. See NonStop dancing on Adele – Set Fire to the rain Dubstep remix.     Share Read More »

Justin Bieber on Ellen Show – Full interview


This is the full interview of Justin Bieber on Ellen DeGenere Show he did in December 2012. Share Read More »

Marquese Scott, aka NonStop, on Ellen Degeneres Show


The greatest Dubsteb dancer of all times, NonStop aka Marquese Scott (from Atlanta, Georgia), was invited on The Ellen Show to break the laws of physics with his sick moves. Check out his latest moves on Adele – Set fire to the rain Dubstep. Share Read More »

Marquese Scott, aka Nonstop, dancing on Adele – Set fire to the rain dubstep


If you don’t know him, you should. His name is Marquesse Scott (aka NonStop Dancer) and he is the best Dubstep dancer Youtubers have seen by now. Check out his latest moves on Adele – Set Fire to the rain – Dubstep edit and see his appearance on The Ellen Show.   Share Read More »

Ryan dancing to dubstep – Louder by DJ Fresh


A kid named Ryan imppresed everybody with his dubstep dancing skills at a school talent show cuind of event. The song he’s dancing to is Louder by DJ Fresh Share Read More »

Interesting LEGO Ball Clock


This guy made an interesting clock using only LEGO pieces. Watch as he explains the whole concept. Share Read More »

Leo’s heartwarming proposal to Melissa during a flashmob


A beautiful video about a guy called Leo proposing to his girl, Melissa, during a flashmob. The song is Next to You by Chris Brown and Justin Bieber.     Share Read More »

Shockwave traffic jam experiment


Japanese researchers tested traffic jams in real life by asking 22 drivers to maintain a constant speed of 30 km/h in a circle. At first it was ok until the distances started to vary between drivers and, as you can see, traffic jams are born from time to time. Share Read More »

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