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How To Steal From Vending Machine With Measuring Tape


Vending Machine Soda Theft In Russia It seems that any guy with a summer thirst and a measuring tape is capable of grabbing a few soda cans from a vending machine without paying. We do not encourage this type of stealing, and we suggest the vending machine producers to be aware of this practice.   Share Read More »

Canada Transit Service – TTC – CEO Andy Byford Makes Public Apology For Bad Day


Only in Canada a transit service CEO will come out and make a public apology for a bad day of service, explaining to the customers what went wrong during rush hour on March 18, 2013.   Share Read More »

Woman Takes Self Pictures Daily While Being Beaten


It doesn’t matter if this project is real or not, the message is strong and the facts are real: Around the world, at least one in three women has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. As many as 324,000 women each year experience intimate partner violence during their pregnancy. Three in four women (76%) who ... Read More »

Atlanta Security Cop Is At It Again


This poor Atlanta Security Cop is still protecting his store like a mama bird protecting her eggs. There’s one thing I don’t understand. Why do they talk so much? By the time they will start fighting they’ll be out of breath. Share Read More »

9-Year-Old Kid Talks About The Meaning Of Life And The Universe


This 9-year-old kid has his own way of understanding life and universe. It’s fun to listen to him because he has a vision most of us don’t.   Share Read More »

The Minium Keyboard Project


I really can’t tell is this is fake or real so I leave it to you guys to decide. These guys say that the Minium Keyboard is designed for people with large fingers and helps them text with speed and accuracy, saving screen space. They also present a various number of devices compatible with the Minium software like wearable devices, ... Read More »

Amazing Border Collie Tricks – Zoe And Alicja Zmysłowska


I never thought a dog could do all these things! It’s amazing what these animals are capable of doing with the right trainer and the right exercises. Watch this border collie Zoe performing amazing dog tricks in this movie made using Canon 7D by Alicja Zmysłowska. Share Read More »

Olivia Wilde’s Bieber Twitter Feud – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno


Olivia Wilde is at war with millions of Justin Bieber fans on Twitter because she was offended by a picture of Bieber shirtless in London. Share Read More »

Kid On Snowmobile Almost Falls Into Crevasse


This kid riding his snowmobile almost died when he fell on top of a huge crevasse. Share Read More »

Russian Homemade Helicopter | Самодельный вертолет


The guy who posted this said that this homemade helicopter was assembled first in 1979, in Cherkassy, Russia, and as you can see it works perfectly fine. We don’t know exactly the technical details but it sounds like a 2 cylinder engine. The big question is: Does it has a dash cam? Вертолет собранный в 1979г. город Черкассы     ... Read More »

Will Smith Sings Theme From Fresh Prince Of Bel Air To London School Kids


Will Smith sings the famous theme song from the TV Show Fresh Prince of Bel Air to a group of british school kids next to the politician Chuka Umunna and the crowd goes wild.     Share Read More »

Age Of Empires II Remastered – HD Edition Announcement Trailer


Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing Age Of Empires II HD, a remastered edition of the classical real time strategy game that changed the world. The original Age of Empires II was launched by Ensemble Studios in 1999. Age of Empires II HD will have the original content from Age of Empires II : The Age of Kings, plus addons from ... Read More »

Russian Teens Fighting Against Drug Dealer


Russian teens have had enough with drug dealers selling death at street corners and made their own posse ravaging these really bad people. Share Read More »

The Seaboard – Connecting the Gap Between Acousting And Digital Music


The Seaboard evolved from the classical piano keyboard and it’s the first musical instrument that connects the acousting and digital music through the control of the pitch, volume and timbre right at the players fingertips. For more information please visit Share Read More »

Skydiver Eric Rober Tries Umbrella Mary Poppins Jump


Many kids that grew up with the 1964 nanny, Mary Poppins, that flew around with an umbrella, thinking if that is possible, some of them trying hard to achieve that. That’s why skydiver Eric Rober teamed up with camera maker GoPro and using a sturdy garden umbrella, he jumped out of a hot air balloon over California. For a few ... Read More »

The Hangover III Official Trailer – Release Date


Even though we all wonder what can go wrong next, it seems that Tod Phillips (writer and director) wanted to end the series by making it a trilogy and here is the trailer for the final part of The Hangover movies where the wolf pack hits Vegas again. Share Read More »

Leopard Attacks 14 Farmers In West Bengal, India


A horrible incident took place in West Bengal, India, where a leopard attacked and injured 14 peasants that were working on the field. Many of them were badly injured but one managed to stun the animal with a stick and determing him to run away from the field.     Share Read More »

Dad Convinced Kids To Climb Wall For Candy


Now this is an interesting pareting method to convince your kids to do some physical activities: offer candy somewhere hard to reach. This way the kids learned how to climb walls to get what they desire. This type of activity will help them alot in life, knowing that they are capable of getting what they want with hard work. Share Read More »

Beautiful Experiment: Interviews With Strangers In NYC Subway


A great video made by Luke Rudkowski. He decided to make a video with interviews of strangers in the New York City Subway, giving a great insights to the views, ideas and outlook of average citizens. “The subway, though surrounded with countless people, can be a very isolated and lonely place. In this video, Luke Rudkowski undertakes a personal project ... Read More »

Scientists Created New Inflatable Concrete Tent


See Richard Ambrose and Jonny Phillips constructing quickliy a building made out of concrete canvas, a new material that has all the elements of concrete but is flexible enough to be turned into different shapes. Share Read More »

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