Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Firefighter struck by huge pile of snow


A firefighter from Magadan, Russia, was hit on the head by a huge pile of snow while trying to save a child. The fireman miraculously managed to grab hold of the ladder and wait for help. Despite the bad luck, nobody was seriously injured in this incident. Skip to [1:15] to see the incident.     Share Read More »

Land Cruiser blew up in Vladivostok, Russia


The explosion took place in the center of Vladivostok, Russia. The bomb was placed inside a Land Cruiser and was detonated by radio-control. The explosion was so strong that all the windows in the nearest building were shattered. Immediatly after the detonation, the driver managed to get out of the car and he was immediatly hospitalized with serious injuries. The ... Read More »

Firefighters rescue woman trapped between two buildings

firefighters, rescue, woman, trapped, buildings

Firefighters from Portland had to cut a hole through concrete to rescue a woman who got trapped between two buildings, on Wednesday morning. The woman spent four hours in a 10 inches wide space before rescuers freed her. Firefighters had to use a soapy lubricant to literraly drag her out but Lt. Rich Chatman of the Portland fire department said ... Read More »

VIDEO: Helicopter crash in Vauxhall, south London


UPDATE: Close shots from the accident, filmed by redditor user pooey162 Today, 16 january 2013, a helicopter crashed in Vauxhal, south London, after hitting a crane and falling down on two cars. This took place around 8am, during rush hour. Roads have been closed as emergency units scrambled to the scene. No words yet regarding the flight crew or other ... Read More »