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Police Officers Suffocated To Death Man With Down Syndrome


A Maryland court has ruled that police officers are guilty for suffocating to death a mentally disabled man when he refused to leave a movie theater. Robert Saylor, a 26-year-old Maryland man who suffered from Down syndrome, was watching the movie “Zero Dark Thirty” on Jan. 12 – the night of his death. After refusing to leave the theater at ... Read More »

Jerry Buss, Owner of LA Lakers, Dead At 79


The legendary owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, Jerry Buss, died today, February 18 2013, at the age of 80, after losing the fight against cancer. Gerald Hatten “Jerry” Buss, born January 27, 1933, was a former chemist, an American businessman, real estate investor and had the majority ownership for the Los Angeles Lakers, team which he bought in 1979 ... Read More »

Doom Pinky Demon Remastered In Photoshop


Download the image here… User Elemental79 from Deviantart remastered a screenshot from the famous shooting game Doom. The original image was 320×240 pixels and the final picture is 9600 x 7211 pixels. The making of video has 9 minutes and 2 seconds but the author mentioned that it plays at a 10x speed than real time. The image spans across ... Read More »

Watch LIVE the Asteroid 2012 DA14


The asteroid 2012 DA14 is getting ready to get through its closest point to Earth. At this point, it’s within the same range of Earth’s geostationary satellites. But fear not, NASA has been working with US Space Command and there’s no chance of collision with any spacecraft. COMPUTER 3D SIMULATION – Nasa provides commentary as 150-foot asteroid called 2012 DA14 ... Read More »

Meteor Crash In Cuba


After the meteor explosion that took place in Russia, reports are coming in about another meteor exploding in Cuba. Residents of the city of Rhodes, the province of Cienfuegos, Cuba, said they witnessed the crash and explosion of a celestial body on the evening of Wednesday, reported a local television station. Cubans say the meteor exploded in the sky, causing ... Read More »

Meteorite Blast Wave Blows Out Doors And Windows In Russia


This morning a meteor exploded over Russia blasting away thousands of fragments and hurting hundreds of people and buildings. Here is some new raw footage of the shockwave blowing away windows and doors inside an office.     Share Read More »

2013 San Francisco Pillow Fight – Justin Herman Plaza


Almost 1.000 people attented this year’s San Francisco’s Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight that took place at the Justin Herman Plaza. All of them were armed with feather-stuffed pillows and started to lovingly smack the crap out of each other until the whistle blew. Now that’s a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day   Share Read More »

Aftermath Of The Meteor Explosion Over Russia


This morning a meteorite exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia and several people managed to capture the explosion on video. Here you will find aftermath pictures and videos of the shockwave of the meteor’s explosion. Kids screaming inside a school, after the explosion Windows shattered, ceilings collapsed, factory destroyed by impact, all because of the meteor explosion. Share Read More »

Meteor Explosion In Chelyabinsk, Russia


The russian who filmed this says that before the explosion there was a bright light, like on a nuclear explosion, all was quiet, then the shockwave came an all the windows shattered. Some say that almost 100 people were injured from the blast, in the Ural Moutains Region. Fragments of the meteor fell in a thinly populated area of the ... Read More »

Old Man Living With A Pack Of Wolves

Werner Freund living with wolves 018

A former german paratrooper, Werner Freund, 79 years old, created the Wolfspark Werner Freund, in Merzig, in the German probince of Saarland. In this sanctuary, since 1972, more than 70 wolves have been raised, all originating as cubs from zoos or animal parks where they were hand-reared. Wolfspark Werner Freund spreads over an area of 25 acres, currently being home ... Read More »

Guy Rides His DirtBike Inside Eureka Casino


The guys at Nitro Circus made a very unique video of a dirt bike rider, Gavin Godfrey, riding inside the Eureka Casino , near the border between Nevada and Arizona. This video was made to promote their off-road event in Mesquite, Nevada, on Feb 22-23rd, at the Eureka Casino. Tickets Available now The event will combine Motocross, Freestyle riding and Enduro ... Read More »

US Drivers Stranded Because Of Powerful Blizzard

drivers stranded in US blizzard storm

Drivers are left stranded after a record-breaking blizzard dumped 3 feet (90 cm) of snow on the U.S. northeast. At least five people were killed and hundreds of thousands left without power as the massive storm swept in on Saturday (February 9). Here on New York’s Long Island, around 200 people were stuck as the blizzard caught drivers by surprise. ... Read More »

World of Warcraft – In Real Life

World of Warcraft In Real Life

Anthony Rosner tells the story of his WoW experience and how he gained a high level charater with everything a player would desire. But he realised that he didn’t achieve nothing. He realised he had no real life, no real interaction with other human beings. It took him some time but he managed to understand the importance of real life ... Read More »

Today’s Weird Creature: The Jerboa Mouse


Jerboa, this desert hopping rodent, can be found throughout Northen Africa and Asia, east to northen China. This funny little rodents look like kangaroos because of the long hind legs and very short forelegs, but have huge ears and a tail longer than it’s body, which helps the Jerboa to balance and sit upright. The Jerboa is very agile, capable ... Read More »

Brace Yourselfs: NEMO Winter Storm Is Coming


Winter Storm Nemo: Historic Blizzard Arrives Tonight Blizzard warnings are in effect from coastal Maine to northern New Jersey, including Portland, Maine, Boston, Hartford, Providence, to the New York City metro area and Long Island. The heaviest snow totals by early Sunday morning are expected in New England from coastal Maine to Connecticut, as well as parts of Upstate New ... Read More »

City Of Portland Charging Photographers for Use of Iconic City Sign


The “White Stag sign” wich you can find at the end of the Burnside Bridge in Portland, Oregon, it’s the iconic sign of the city, named after history landmark back in 1977. Since Portland purchased the sign back in September 2010, the city paid a monthly fee of $2.000 for maintenance and power and now they decided to get some ... Read More »

Jaylesslee Pictures Gallery And Bio


Janice and Sonia have fond memories of their childhood. When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Their answers were a variation of teacher, painter and at one point in time even a shop-keeper. Funny though, never did they mention a musician or a performer as something they wanted to become. They had no idea what ... Read More »

Nahko Bear (Medicine For The People) – Aloha Ke Akua – Lyrics


This is one of the most beautiful and inspiring combination of lyricis, music and visual effects. Watching and listening to this will be an enriching experience for all. Oregon-native Nahko, born a mix of Apache, Puerto Rican, and Filipino cultures, adopted into an american family, suffered an identity crisis from an early age. The unifying power of music entered his ... Read More »

This 13-Year-Old Girl Can Shoot


13-year-old Katelyn Francis   from Missouri has some serious shooting skills. She said that this clip was from a competition and that she is not trainig for zombies, CIA, Navy Seals or any other organisation. By the looks of this video, she’s not that much into barbie dress up, or cooking and she’ll have some difficulties finding a proper husband, when ... Read More »

Mother Hears The Voice Of Her 8-Year-Old Son For The First Time


A mother hears her son’s voice for the very first time. See the cutting-edge procedure that restored her hearing after 15 years of silence. The full interview airs Thursday, February 7 (check local listings). The show is intitled The Doctors and you can find out more on their Facebook Page.   Share Read More »