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Korean Twin Sisters Separated At Birth Find Each Other


Anais Bordier and Samantha Futerman are two korean twin sisters, 25 years old, who got separated at birth and adopted by two different families, one from United States and the other from France. Samantha Futerman became an actress so it didn’t took long until Anais Bordier noticed her photos on Facebook and sent her a message. After exchanging several messages, ... Read More »

Youtube Shutting Down April 1 – 2013


It seems that not only Google is making April Fools videos, Youtube is announcing today that by the end of April 1, they will delete all the videos ever uploaded on their servers and selecte a winner. Can you guys guess which one is it? P.S. The winner will be anounced in 10 years.   Share Read More »

How To Brush Your Teeth In Space With Chris Hadfield


Chris Hadfield is answering his fans by showing how can one brush his teeth in zero gravity. Canadian astronaut and Commander of Expedition 35, Chris Hadfield, made a very big change for NASA by interacting with users and posting very funny but educational videos onboard the ISS. We can only say thanks to this and hope to see much more ... Read More »

Guy Gives Up Food – Drinks Only Soylent – Rob Rhinehart


Can we live without food? – The Soylent Experiment Rob Rhinehart is an engineer but that didn’t stopped him to research and develop a chemical mix called Soylent, that will replace his everyday food. Packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and many more other chemicals, Soylent became Rob’s everyday meal for the past 2 months (well, almost 92% of his meal ... Read More »

Aaron Jackson Paints Rainbow House Across Westboro Baptist Church Headquarters


Aaron Jackson decided to counter-attack the Westboro Baptist Church by buying a house across the street and painting it in the Pride rainbow colors. Jackson, one of the founders of Plating Peace, a charity organisation that worked on conservating the rainforests and opening orphanages,  decided it’s time to give the notoriously anti-gay group Westboro Baptist Church a taste of its ... Read More »

Best Google Reader Alternatives – Where To Upload Google Reader XML

google reader

Today Google announced that Google Reader service will continue until July 1, 2013 (calling it spring cleaning). OoooK! Thanks for that Google, now we have to test all sorts of applications to find a suitable replacement for Google Reader. We don’t know why they came up with this decision, for the moment, but honestly we really don’t care much. The main ... Read More »

Jack Andraka – 15 Years Old Kid Discovers Cheap Cancer Detection Method


By simply researching on the Internet, this 15-year-old teenager Jack Andraka, created a 100%  method to detect early stages of pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer with the cost of only 3 cents. Jack Andraka is a student at Maryland high school and his dipstick-like sensor is the fastest and cheapest way for early detection of several types of cancer, winnig ... Read More »

Russel Brand Interviewed By Disabled Journalist Marlena Katene


An amazing gesture from Russel Brand, offering a charming interview to a disabled australian journalist, Marlena Katene, speaking to her with AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). He is an extraordinary person with a very rich vocabulary and was very respectful towards Marlena. As for Marlena Katene, I think you are a wonderful person and you inspire people to be better ... Read More »

Atlanta Cop Saves Man’s Life Through CPR


If it wasn’t for Forest Park’s police officer Christopher Simmons, Timothy Keith Haynes may not be alive today. Timonthy has asthma and called his mom around 2 a.m. on tuesday morning telling her he can’t breath and needs to get to the hospital. Instead of calling an ambulance, the two got into their car and drove off, but after a ... Read More »

Madir Eugster Perfectly Balances Feather On 14 Sticks – Wins 2013 Kamiwaza Show In Japan

balance act rigolo

This is totally amazing! The winner of the 2013 japanese talent show Kamiwaza, Madir Eugster, perfectly balances a feather on 14 sticks, leaving the audience breathless untill the end. It seems that the balance act is not something new, Madir having showed this skill before with his Rigolo Swiss Nouveau Cirque along with co-director Lena Roth and daughter Lara Jacobs ... Read More »

Cody Wilson Interview – 3D Gun Printing Innovator


Technology is advancing and our task is to make use of it in a good way but in the meantime we must be aware of the potential dangers it poses. Thanks to the internet, everybody can learn now how to use and master new technology that can improve our lives but if we are not carefull we can easily lose ... Read More »

Teen Walking 10 Miles for a Job Interview Is Hired Along The Way By Papa Roux


An 18-year-old teen, named Jhaqueil Reagan, was determined one day to travel 10 miles to a job interview for a minimum wage-paying job at a thrisft store, in Indianapolis when he had the luck to meet the Papa Roux Cajun Cooking Restaurant owner, Art Bouvier. Bouvier was impressed with Reagan’s determination to get a job that he posted on Facebook ... Read More »

Video: Hot Air Baloon Exploded And Fell In Luxor, Egypt, Killing 19 People

hot air baloon crashed in luxor

19 People were killed in Luxor, Egypt, when a hot air baloon cought fire and crashed to the ground on a sugarcane field next to Adabiya, a small village next to Luxor. Tourists from Scotland, China, France and Japan were reported among the casualties of the Sky Cruise Flight, for a ride that costs between 7 and 100 british pounds. ... Read More »

Anadolu Efes – Turkish Basketball Team and their Fans At The Opera


The fans of the Turkish basketball team Anadolu Efes deviced one beautiful suprise for the team members. While they were bored to death during an opera concert, all the audience started to sing a thank you song for them, giving the players the best surprise in their life! The song was the one where Anadolu Efes thanked their fans for ... Read More »

Congo Tribal Children Seing First White Man – Justin The Viking Wren

justin wren in congo

These funny children are amazed by the amount of hair on this white man’s arm and everybody has the urge to touch him. This man filmed the kid’s reaction with his iPhone 4 and while they were touching his hair they could see themselves on the phone’s front screen. The vanilla gorilla / great white sasquatch / viking white man ... Read More »

MYO – Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs

myo armband

“Very cool and impressive. I hope this finds its way into our future soon.” – Steve Wozniak OMG! This is the coolest thing I’ve seen this week! Using groundbreaking technology, MYO is able to measure electrical activity in your muscles instantly. The result is a seamless way to interact with computers, and a truly magical sense of control. The guys ... Read More »

Sony Playstation 4 – Release Date And Retail Pricing – Full Specifications – Games For PS4


As we all know, Sony Playstation 4 was officialy announced and these are the three major questions everybody is asking: What is the official launch date for Playstation 4? What’s the retail price for Playstation 4? What are the Specs for Playstation 4? Here you will find all the answers you need plus what will the new DualShock 4 controller ... Read More »

The Blind Film Critic – Tommy Edison


It was a bit of a shock for me to find out that there is a blind man that has a youtube channel where he posts movie criticis. Imagine that! A blind man film critic! At first I thought it was a silly joke but when I looked closely at the hits he’s getting and how funny this guy is, ... Read More »

Caddisfly Larvae Deluxe Cocoons


The caddisflies are small moth-like insects with two pairs of wings. These insects have aquatic larvae and can be found in various places like streans, ponds, lakes or rivers. The caddisflie larvae builds protective cases of silk decorated with gravel, sand, twigs or whatever they can find in their enviroment. Armed with this knowledge, artist Hubert Duprat supplied the caddisflies ... Read More »

Richard: A Piano Tuner Who Chooses to Be Homeless in London


Watch the story of an interesting Londoner, called Richard, the piano tuner, who chosed to live on the streets. He had this revelation when he realised that the only thing worthy in his flat was his shower, the other things being expenses and useless possessions. The documentary was made by British filmmaker Matt Hopkins for his webseries EnglandYourEngland. Share Read More »